Interior Country-style

Country style (from the English word village) – a style country house. Large bright room, lace curtains on the windows, a simple wooden or wicker furniture – sofas, cupboards, chests of drawers – all this creates an atmosphere warmth and comfort. In such an environment you feel surprisingly comfortable and in harmony with the environment. Indispensable contrast style – an abundance of natural materials: straw, wood, linen fabrics, stones. Stylish interior Country abounds with textile details. In addition to the curtains, a mandatory attribute of the style is elegant quilted bedspreads, lace tablecloths, rough striped rugs, wool rugs, covers for chairs and upholstered furniture, decorative pillows, etc.

Fabrics for interiors in country style is best to choose organic, you can even use calico dress, calico, linen. If you are still confused by the complexity of caring for natural flax, it is possible stay on the synthetic and semisynthetic curtain fabrics. Recently there was a set designer collections made "under grave" linen or cotton cloth, all kinds of imitation of burlap and serpyanku. Such materials form can not be distinguished from natural, but it does not shrink when wet, do not shed, and Bole are resistant to fading. Images fabrics for interiors in country style is preferable to flower, as well as Cage, bar, green peas. Welcome printed drawings and, of course, embroidery. But you can also use plain, combining models of multiple colors. Colours can be as calm, with a predominance of gold, yellow, red-brown, cherry color and cheerful palette of spring / summer nature.

It's easy and natural yellow, yellow-green hues, the color of blue sky and red-orange. Bright cheerful curtains on the window create a sense of Summer in the room, even a cold and gray winter. Models curtains country style more often than not complex and symmetrical, which allows, under certain skills that make them at home. Generally, country – a style that could not be better suitable for housewives who know how to sew. You can save a lot, for example, has made a veil of tiny colored pieces of fabric (in the technique of patchwork). In the interior of such a product will look exceptionally harmonious and may be highlight of the entire room. As accessories you can use lace, decorative braid with tassels, bows, tassels, big wooden buttons, flowers made of cloth. As the pickup Curtain you can use braid, woven from strips of cloth, or tie up curtains bundle of hay. If you purchased wicker furniture, be sure to decorate it with decorative pillows with floral or checkered pattern – This combination allows to achieve a unique charm and comfort. Curtain country style is preferable to choose a wood or a stylized tree. Perfect wooden cornice "pipe" with massive sidewalls. Recently, more and more often people who are tired of city life, make out in the country style their urban apartments, and if you are looking for a textile country house or dacha, the best solution simply no. Often in this style are made small country hotels and themed restaurants and cafes. And this is a simple explanation: what Russian does not like it's a tempting blend – "Caravan Bath-kebabs. In such a situation feel comfortable and happy, so regardless of the vagaries of fashion are always people prefer to arrange their interiors in country style.


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