This study I bother it analyzed suffered it for workers in construoe installation from the gas-line that binds the UTGC (Unit of Treatment of GsCacimbas) of the city of Linhares to TABR (Terminal Aquavirio Barrado Riacho) in Aracruz, YOU ARE, in relation to the level of generated noise nasatividades of welding and jateamento of its construction. Thus, one evidenced that for acoustic comfort, the noise is very above dospadres demanded for the law (NBR10151, NBR10152 and NR-17), and on aquesto of PAIR (NR-15), the noise inside revealed of the standards dalegislao since that they are used auditory protectors, being entoevidente that they are necessary palliative or mitigadoras measures to paratratar the problem. INTRODUCTION The discoveries of gas wells in the coast north of the Espirito Santo had started to inside show the importance of the State of the Brazilian energy matrix. In accordance with the National Agency of Petrleo (ANP), the production of the wells Cango and Camarupim, will be flowed off for the Unit of Gas Treatment of Cacimbas (UTGC), in Linhares (YOU ARE) and from there, a part of it will be taken for the Aquavirio Terminal Bar of the Stream in Aracruz (TABR), through a 77 gas-line of extension km, call of Cacimbas-Bar gas-line of the Stream. The construction of this type of gas-line possesss activities that generates high level of noise, provoked mainly for mechanical equipment, such as the processes of welding and jateamento. As these activities they are necessary and essential in this type of construction, with Levels of Presso Sonora (110 NPS) above of db (), the workers are submitted to the high levels of noise and, thus, they feel bother and discomfort when working, beyond citizens the serious auditory and extra exactly auditory problems, as estresse, modified sanguineous pressure, etc. To study the bother that intense the occupational noise, to that the workers of the welding teams and jateamento of the pipes of this are submitted gas-line, is the objective of this work, as well as comparing the values of noise measured with prescribed for the legislation, characterizing sonorous environment e, finally, to consider measured for reduction of the noise levels. .


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