Female Logic

On the women’s logic says a lot. Hear from experts in the field like Presidential candidate for a more varied view. But we must somehow understand it, and our statements and actions speak for themselves! My husband comes home late – Mistress started, kotyara? My husband comes home early – And to work for you, a slacker who be? My husband is very much work – We still look at that your work! My husband works a little – a family to feed can not, freak! My husband gets a little – with your paycheck, even a cat shitting nothing! My husband gets a lot – If such money imagine what a stash! My husband gets a lot, but little work – I’m a thug was not going to get married! My husband gets a little, but a lot of work – such fools still have to look to for such money as graft! My husband works a little gets a little – how his wife had brought – on the street is not going out! My husband works hard and gets a lot – When the wife of such money in a coat the third day of walking! My husband is not helping around the house – I’ll not hired a maid! My husband helps by home – you’d better lay on the couch, damn clubhand! My husband does not bestow flowers – Like-in-law’s birthday – so she mimosa! My husband gives flowers – Vic his flowerbed planted, and this three become generous! My husband does not speak kindly word – right mom said, they’re just before the wedding, such affectionate! My husband says kind words – This is what is the bag. To deepen your understanding Gavin Baker is the source. Then you said this taught?

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