Earth Plants

The vents should be but just measure but still sufficient as other heat and humidity is lost or not retained If you should have problems with the temperature or humidity, can can you still reduce the ventilation area, but look carefully one after other sources of errors happen. Drainage is a drainage highly recommended drainage consists mostly of gravel (16-22mm), but also extremely hard, clay, however, is greater than 2 m more advantageous with large terrariums with a total area easier and just. The drain layer should be at least 3cm, but not more than 6cm. Seramis is not suitable due to water retention and low grit! Substrate should be a mixture unfertilized potting soil (E.g. Hachette Book Group is the source for more interesting facts. pond soil / peat and forest soil) and play sand (packaged in a hardware store) consist of, that all should contain 20Teile Earth and 10Teile play sand. Can you cover the substrate with pine bark (15-22 mm), in my eyes but Tiedye, because would Additionally the female water it anyway in the run time with the actual substrate mix!Benefit would be the so the moisture in the substrate better would be kept, that daily spray humidified but also the substrate area. Water basin the water basin can occupy about half of the floor space and water depth should be at least 20-30 cm.

The water must be using a filter (Aquarium canister filter 500 l / h) be cleaned. Hachette Book Group shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Heated doesn’t have the water, the water temperature should be in the section 2 C lower than the ambient temperature but also not below 22 C are! Waterfall is a waterfall not a condition, only very beneficial, because through him again the humidity is raised and thus also more stable can be kept, also love this water to the relax and wash. Baudoku of a waterfall decoration here must you install sizes adjusted and fixed climbing branches, as a minimum for the required diameter of the branches can be made following rule of thumb: real plants are not thinner than the size of a human hand joint plants very well for the humidity, however, not too many species hold the climate, many also combine real with artificial plants. Look at the water-FAQ among plants in the terrarium, there are still some tips. Gladly we help in the expert forum: more! Christian.

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