Byzantine Area

Morskimivorotami in Venice is the area of the Piazzetta. This is a small area, kotorayagranichit to Piazza San Marco. Here moored ships with eminent zamorskimigostyami, and it is from this area of Venice began to hit guests svoimvelikolepiem. Ploschadukrashena two columns of monolithic granite, which were privezenyvenetsiantsami from the East – St Mark's Column and the Column of St Theodore. These kolonnybyli symbols of power in Venice, and they still inspire awe city. In the Middle Ages between the columns arranged publichnyekazni. Ploschadukrashaet library building Jacopo Sansovino (16 century), which was completed egouchenikom Scamozzi. This building is so beautiful that it became praroditelemnovogo style of architecture, Venice Baroque, which zatemrasprostranilos across Europe. Rising nPyatsette can simultaneously see the Gothic Palazzo Dukalle, Byzantine stilsobora San Marco and the Baroque Library Sansovino. And, coming on the embankment, whole perspective lagoon from the customs building and the church of Santa Maria deSalyute. embankment in Venice – a kingdom of pedestrians and continuous tsepdvortsov-hotels, where travelers stayed famous, kotoryeposeschali Venice.


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