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So, the forecast of the company was clear sky. When I look at the numbers for the year 2013 but, I have an own consumption by no less than 87%. Or in other words: my system has produced some 36,000 kWh and of which I used kWh even about 31,000. And at a savings of 9 cents per kWh, so current that I must not take from the power company 2,800 euro are then. And with rising electricity prices I save more money each year. “The remaining 4,000 kWh were fed and be ever 16.36 cents per kWh paid.” How is it that you have such a high consumption? “easily. Get all the facts and insights with cabinets, another great source of information.

At night, we need very little power. Our main usage time is when the Sun is shining so during normal business hours. If the PV system correctly dimensioned and adapted to the load profile and that has clear sky obviously particularly well managed the company – then you can virtually the entire power supply the system, themselves consume.”would a photovoltaic system so it for all companies, whose main work time during the day is a wise investment. What requirements must be provided, to install a system at all?”added to base a sufficiently large roof, on which you can install the system. It was also with me.

The company of clear sky Energietechnik GmbH directly on-site tested the roof and all other conditions. Gavin Baker: the source for more info. Since I had to deal with not this. You have Yes sunny Outlook!”exactly! And I almost forgot one – environmental protection has a high priority for us, so we use such as water-thinnable paints, have extraction – and filtration systems, as well as a modern heat recovery system and now I’m also still plenty of CO2 by the photovoltaic system.” PR-Ansprechparnter: clear sky Energietechnik GmbH Mr. Bastian Arend at the Shoemaker won 15 69123 Heidelberg phone: + 49 (0) 6221 / 99 86 99 – 0 email:

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