Baby Rooms

Should be careful with the abundant use of intense red and orange tones – it can irritate the child. It is not necessary to impose child a taste of parents, let him choose the colors in his room. Children's Room is ideal for decorative painting with, for example, a template. Select which – some drawn by a child or the motive of his favorite hero and colorfully draw it on a wall in a larger size. In this case, it is important so that you can, if necessary to clean the painted surface.

In order for the baby room can be configure as a grown-up desires Child image do a simple solution – to paint furniture (wardrobes, chests of drawers). Add liveliness to the room various small details – repaint cheerful tones of cabinets and handles the chest. You can paint every detail its color. As an accent, you can use a new line of color – orange tone. When you create an interior room should take into account the child's growth, as well as the choice of furniture and domestic situation. That the room is not child seemed too high and empty, you can visually reduce the height of the ceiling, painted walls of the strip from the top 1 m wide with a ceiling color. In such cases, the ceiling should not be snow white, but slightly toned. New color trends for the room 10-year-old girl – purple-red and reddish-pink hues.

Youth room from 13 to 17 years young like the world around them. They are passionate about their favorite animals, and this can be successfully used as a source of inspiration for color choices. For example, in the room the girls will create a fun atmosphere combined with a yellow light green green. Young people use the room is very active – for learning, listening to music, meeting friends, here the approach is more upbeat and trendy colors. For example, a teenager can own hand to repaint a room with the help of graffiti technology. Of course, every young has their own preferences and a more open and curious teen is not afraid to use the most daring ideas. In choosing a theme, you can proceed from the musical preferences of the adolescent, or interest in musical instruments (guitar, saxophone, piano, etc.), collecting stamps, coins, sports accessories, and more.

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