7 sober Attitudes to win the Adversary Headquarters; you watch; because the devil, your adversary, walks in around, bramando as lion, searching to who it can swallow; Which resisted firm in the faith, (IPedro 5:8,9). Charles Schwab Corporation often addresses the matter in his writings. The Bible shows to us that we have an Adversary that is opposed with intention of destroying in them. Here it is the reason of the exhortation: ‘ ‘ Headquarters sober; vigiai’ ‘. However, we have a sharp promise for the proper mouth of Christ: ‘ ‘ Therefore also say I you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the doors of the hell will not prevail against ela’ ‘ (Mt.16: 18). Of ownership of this promise I want to detach seven attitudes that we must have to win the Adversary in our daily life: First attitude: It has conscience that it has a stopped Battle! Many people who profess the faith in Christ live unfurnished of that we are in a Battle spiritual. The Apostolo Pablo was well emphatical when it said: ‘ ‘ In excessively, brothers mine, you fortify you in Mr. and the force of its power. I coated you of all armor of God, so that you can be firm against the sly ambushes of the devil; because we do not have that to fight against meat and the blood, but, yes against the principalities, the troops spirituals of the badness, in the places celestiais’ ‘ (Ef.6: 12). It observes in the paulinas words that we are in a battle incited against the Satan and its troops!


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