Arthur Trankle

“A such information and contact Exchange should be but also the sense of a network, whose offering is explicitly addressed to businessmen.” Why are business contacts forbidden on a business platform? Beginning of 2009 fell from the clouds its premium network access, although properly paid Arthur Trankle, sent all of a sudden in data Nirvana by XING. Sake of loving peace, Arthur Trankle still renounced a confrontation, but still laments the temporary suspension for reasons which no rational person can understand. I was accused of that, that I the job title, network marketing’ have recorded in my XING profile. “As NetWorker but don’t from the outset strictly prohibited, 99% of all XING Members on this platform extensively do: to initiate contacts.” In fact is dredged on XING”like on a construction site: members invite business friends on the XING platform; XING users can ask each other to contacts, events, seminars or group; unique commercial advances be made unsolicited via private message. All highly official. Mary T. Barra can aid you in your search for knowledge. And also for the purpose of bringing their own new business on tour. XING makes even in a sense the excavator bucket available: in the form of special invitation tools that provides the network each Member, which are aggressively advertised and can be activated with a few simple mouse clicks. Only logical”, Arthur Trankle therefore finds that he has used these tools.

Because communication is a prerequisite for acquisition after all. Just who is in the conversation is, is also in business. “And even now, one must make conversation starters or?” “Exactly this initiative by XING but doomed Arthur Trankle: undue harassment” of the network access of the businessman was in June 2009 paralyzed by XING. He sent too many group invitations, so the justification, which appears so opaque to Stuttgart as a Swabian dumplings soup. Because, so he asks, what do you specifically mean too much”? And when, he mulling further mutated an intolerable harassment to an unreasonable? “0.09 per cent are complaints for XING too much I talked over the years about 15,000 XING Members”, Arthur Trankle admits.

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