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Study of Staufenbiel JobTrends 2011 Cologne, Germany March 2011 companies use social media on the subject of recruitment, e.g. to write posts or in employer branding. To read more click here: home improvement. Targeted searches for information on applicants is less common. In the application process, the companies surveyed prefer continue to complete application documents. So the results of the study of Staufenbiel JobTrends Germany 2011. full application documents asked still have most of the companies surveyed require full application documents. Click home improvement to learn more. Emerges from the study that 76 percent gain a first impression of their applicants.

Only every tenth company prefers short applications. In addition, the application email established in recent years. Almost three-quarters of all companies surveyed prefer to cover letter and curriculum vitae by E-Mail to post now. About half of the companies using online application forms. Selection procedure: interviews with specialists and HR Department interviews with specialists and HR Department the candidate selection are among the most popular methods: eight out of ten companies rely on it. With telephone interviews in the run-up to nearly half of the pre-selects.

About every fourth company applies assessment centers and case studies to test the skills of the candidates. Personality tests indicated that 16 percent of the companies surveyed as a selection process. Application statistics: 2010 more than 191,000 applications received from the application to the job of the companies surveyed by graduates of all disciplines, according to the results of the study. About 21,000 applicants received an invitation for the personal interview. More than 3,700 candidates received an employment contract. Thus, about 18 percent of the listed interviews led to a job. Social media: vacancy and employer branding from the study of Sandra JobTrends of Germany 2011 showing that 66 percent of the companies surveyed use social media services, to advertise places or employer branding to operate. XING is a business network with about 89 percent is at the companies surveyed follow to place one of the most widely used networks, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook nearly one-third of the companies surveyed are active, every fifth company uses Twitter. The targeted search for information about applicants on social networking sites is, however, less common than assumed. Only 15 percent of the companies surveyed are for this purpose in social networks on the go. The name Googling while every fifth company (20 percent). But about 80 percent of the companies surveyed stated not to check the online reputation of candidates. The rejection of an applicant on the basis of a negative online reputation is correspondingly rare so far: every tenth company has therefore rejected candidates. Under jobtrends the complete study on the free download is available. About the study the study of Staufenbiel JobTrends Germany analyzed the qualification requirements of enterprises in university graduates each year and holds firmly on the academic labour market trends. JobTrends Germany 2011 was 329 companies with more than 4.5 Interviewed million employees. The survey led the Berlin Trendence Institute on behalf of Sanders by Institute. Sanders Institute Sanders is the leading provider of HR marketing and recruiting solutions for young academics in Germany. We support companies looking to the experts and leaders of tomorrow and advise students, graduates and Young Professionals with career and career planning. Press contact Tanja Dzukowski phone: 0221/91 26 63-0 E-Mail: Sandra Institut GmbH print & online-media Maria-Hilf-str. 15, 50677 Koln

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