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Hottest Books

Travelling without a book? Unimaginable! Rice readings for the summer vacation 2008 Cologne, July 2008: summer looks different or? In cloudy weather and mostly mild temperatures makes a swim or drive any fun in the green. A good book is because usually the only salvation. But even if it is possible to escape the dreary […]

Bookshelf WordPress Tricks

Around 130 hacks and tweaks for WordPress 3! New on the Bookshelf: WordPress tricks and hacks and tweaks for WordPress 3 130 tweaks! by Clemens Gull with this book you make even better your WordPress Web page – shows how the Internet expert Clemens Gull. With little additional programs – so-called tweaks – extend WordPress […]

Elihu Two Successful Books

\”\” The last two books of the Austrian author of successful Joseph \”and Elihu\”, two successful books by Wolfgang Wallner-F. \”\” In July 2008, Wolfgang Wallner landed-F’s book Elihu survivor records from eternity \”at in the popularity of religious novels\” among the top 20 \”at # 13. \”The new book by Wolfgang Wallner-F.: Joseph-the […]

Bauer Publishing Group

Books lose more and more importance for young people more and more young people lose the pleasure of reading. Other media, such as television, Internet and videos, more interest among young people. While the relationship between reader and book can rebuild 15 minutes per day. That would have never imagined Johannes Guttenberg. Read additional details […]

Managing Director

See Joker Joker now a download store for electronic books opened. See Joker Joker now a download store for electronic books opened. For this new portal, cooperates the oldest German download portal for electronic books, Joker with Ciando. Joker customers can access directly from now on more than 35,000 electronic title by over […]

EBooks Search And Find

Compressed knowledge by reading eBooks eBooks are digital books that were usually created in PDF format. eBooks often deal with a very small range and therefore perfectly suitable as a niche literary. Learn more at: CMCSS. Why have the eBooks become so in the information age? There is hardly a topic about which there is […]


Statistics and news about violence over the world family and gender-based violence, show that each day increases the victims of this violence, and many of them unfortunately die. Without going beyond, in Argentina, in the last fortnight there were 7 cases of sprayed with alcohol and burned women, three of them died. (Not to be […]

The Majesty Of The Lord

Psalm 93: 1 Jehovah reigns; dressed magnificence; Lord dressed, stripped of power. He also said the world, and will not move. 2 Strong is thy throne since then; You are eternally. 3 Rose rivers, o Lord, the rivers rose up her sound; Their waves rose up the rivers. 4 Jehovah in the heights is more […]

History And Origin Of Reggaeton In Latin America

The first recordings of Reggae in Latin America were made in Panama in the mid 1970s. A large number of Jamaican immigrants, while they built the Panama Canal, brought Reggae music with them and introduced it into the local population. Katie Lapp shines more light on the discussion. Nando Boom is considered one of the […]

History Of Maicao

History of Maicao 20th century progressed steadily towards its third decade. Colombia and Venezuela had different maps, but there were no divisions in the plane of reality. The natives were moved freely to either side of the imaginary boundary line and little cared what country were because from the time of their elders they had […]

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